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Home 3 Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking, Spring Hinge Readers for Women and Men, Fashion Eyeglasses for Reading

3 Pack Reading Glasses Blue Light Blocking, Spring Hinge Readers for Women and Men, Fashion Eyeglasses for Reading


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Product Description

Sleek designSleek design

CYT DESIGN Chic Reading Glasses

Fashionable frame reading glasses suitable for all face shapes.Create a better vision world: Improve the quality of life and read all kinds of books easily.Convenient set of 3 pairs of reading glasses. Keep a pair at home or office, in your car or your favorite reading spots.The lens is clear, hard and wear-resistant, the color reproduction is real, the field of view is not distorted and clear vision.

glasses showglasses show

Fashionable 3 Pack Glasses Suitable for Various Occasions

Over 7 hours a day in front of digital screens such as computers and smartphones, exposes you to harmful blue rays, causing eye strain, blurred vision, red eyes, migraines and sleep deprivation. CYT DESIGN blue light blocking glasses give you a comprehensive protection.

filter blue lightfilter blue light

What You Get From CYT DESIGN glasses?

√ Blue ray blocking -- with HEV-Adsorb substrate absorption technology, lenses can absorb 95% of high-energy blue light.

√ UV protection -- Anti-Blu-ray Lenses utilize special substrate processing technology to protect the eyes from ultraviolet rays.

√ Clear lens -- The lens was made of a fully transparent base, without any pigment, while maintaining high light transmittance. Less reflective, no affect reading, and almost no color difference.

Features and Benefits

√Optically correct.

√High manufacturing quality, material lightweight and durability.

√Metal spring hinges help glasses adapt to face, built-in stainless steel mechanical spring is not easy to damage durable.

package contentspackage contents

Package Contents

Reader Glasses x 3Wiping Rag x 1Glasses Bag x 1Glasses Screwdriver x 1Blue Light Test Pack x 1

Great gift for parents

Enhance visual comfort with improved contrast & reduced eye strainEliminates glare with premium ARUltra- light frame, stylish and comfort designUnisex glasses match different costume style, travel with fashion.


To avoid damage, never clean your reading glasses with paper towels or clothing or alcohol.

Avoid using household detergents or soaps. While a few mild soaps don't harm lenses.

Extra strength soaps are powerful enough to slowly disintegrate lens coatings.

relief eye strain

relief eye strain

sleep well

sleep well

relief headache

relief headache

Reduce Eye Strain

Long time exposure to blue light would lead to digital eye fatigue. Wearing CYT DESIGN eyewear, no more tired eyes. Reduce eye strain and sensitivity to light when facing digital screens. Great for office workers or anyone who has to look at screen all day.

Better Sleep

Exposure to high rate blue light will impact our sense of circadian rhythms and wreck our biological clock, then cause insomnia. Wearing CYT DESIGN blue light blocking glasses will improve your sleep, help you sleep better and have a good night.

Relieve Headache

Do you suffer from headaches for a longtime screen time? CYT DESIGN anti blue light glasses will supercharge your health by blocking detrimental blue light while letting in all other beneficial light.


4 Pack

4 Pack

1 Pack

1 Pack

Blue Light Blocking


Blue; purple; pink; tea




Diopters Range





Date First Available‏:‎August 16, 2021

AC lens
Non Polarized
Lens width: 48 millimeters
Blue Light Blocking: Blue light blocker lens with UV protection, alleviating visual fatigue and discomfort from browsing mobile phones, tablets, gaming and working under fluorescent lights. Enjoy digital time, no worry about eye strain, migraine, headache and blurred vision anymore.
3 Pack of Sleek Glasses: Modern design, suitable for both men and women. Convenient 3 set of blue light filter glasses means you can always get a set at hand for daily use.
Lightweight Frame: Durable, flexible and comfortable, suitable for long-term wearing; Classic design, elegant appearance, leading the trendy trend for.



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